Here's a chance for you show off your photographs! If you have species Primula pictures, especially of primulas in the wild, please consider submitting them for display in the Species Photo Gallery. 

Photographers retain all copyrights to their material. Please do not submit photos that are owned by someone else. The Webmaster retains the right to include photos or not, and to digitally alter photos for display. Since this site is for scientific purposes and is non-commercial, no monetary remuneration can be made to photographers. Multiple photos of any one species may be displayed including habitat photos.

How do I submit photos?
Send an short email to the webmaster saying you will be sending an email with picture attachments, so I don't accidentally think it is a virus and delete it.
All photos must be accompanied by the following information:

  • Photographers Name

  • Photographers address (for my records not for display)

  • Photographers e-mail address (indicate if you wish to be linked on the photographers page)

  • Photographers website address (if you wish it to be linked on the photographers page)

  • Primula Name

  • Location where photo was taken

** I prefer as large a file as possible, both in terms of file size and dimensions. This is so I have the best quality image to start and I can then balance its display speed with its quality for the website. Larger files allow me to study and see identifying features of species.

Please send images with a minimum of 1280 X 960 pixels and a compression set to high quality. If you have taken a large number of digital images of primulas or you have large files (larger jpeg or RAW files), consider sending me the images on CD or DVD. Send me an email to ask for my mailing address if you choose to do this. I use Adobe Lightroom to catalogue images, and some photo editing programs strip all date and other information from the image, so please avoid editing your image. For rare species, even images that are under exposed or out-of-focus may show features that are interesting to study. These images won't be posted to the website but are very welcome.

Please realize that these files may take awhile to send via e-mail and if you are sending lots of pictures then you should use multiple e-mails. An e-mail with one picture would be a prudent test before other photos are sent.

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