This gallery will display photographs of all Primula species, subspecies and varieties. Taxonomy follows currently accepted naming. Resources include John Richards'  book Primula, The Flora of China, The Flora of Bhutan vol2, part2, and The Flora of North America. Natural hybrids are displayed with the species. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image. Some pictures may take a while to load - you will be rewarded for your patience. If you notice errors, or if you have questions, please contact the Webmaster.

To access the species list use the scroll bar on the left. Species for which pictures exist are in white. Just click on the species you wish to view. Denotes a recent addition or change to that species. Light colored species names have images, medium colored names have information, but no plant images, and dark colored names have no information at this time. 

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ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS!  Thank you to all the photographers who have contributed photos! If you have images of Primula species from the wild or garden, I would be pleased to display your images on Primula World. For instructions on submitting your images read the Submissions page or contact the Webmaster.

SCIENTISTS & RESEARCHERS - Images are displayed at reduced resolution from the originals. If you have need to see finer details or smaller characteristics of the plants, please contact the Webmaster for availability. Copyright must be respected and this website cited.

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