Tibet 2007 - Primula Sampler

Tibet June 21th - July 11th, 2007

A private tour of 5 people (including myself) with the goal of targeting the high passes in Eastern Tibet to search for alpine plants. Transportation was by jeep and started from Shangri La, Yunnan through to Lhasa, Tibet, with a side trip to Chusum, Tibet (SE of Lhasa).

This trip was particularily successful for the number of primulas seen. They include: P. advena var concolor, P. apoclita aff, P. agleniana, P. alpicola, P. amethystina, P. atrodentata aff, P. bella, P. boreiocalliantha, P. calderiana, P. cawdoriana, P. chionantha ssp melanops, P. chionantha ssp sinoplantaginea, P. chionantha ssp sinopurpurea, P. chungensis, P. deflexa, P. denticulata aff, P. dickieana, P. dryadifolia, P. dubernardiana, P. fasciculata, P. handeliana, P. hookeri, P. ioessa var hopeana, P. ioessa hybrids, P. involucrata ssp yargongensis, P. jaffreyana, P. littledalei, P. minor, P. nanobella, P. poissonii, P. prolifera aff, P. pulchella, P. secundiflora, P. sikkimensis, P. szechuanica, P. tanneri ssp tsariensis var porrecta, P. tibetica, P. waddellii, P. walshi, P. watsonii, P. zambalensis. A primula relative, Omphalogramma souliei was also seen.

Route Details:

June 21: Shangri La to Tianchi Lake, return Shangri La

June 22: Shangri La, Beima Shan, Dechen

June 23: Dechen, Markam

June 24: Markam, Dongda La, Wangda

June 25: Wangda, Bambda, Gama La, Bambda

June 26: Bambda, Gama La, Baxoi

June 27: Baxoi, Ngajuk La, Rawu

June 28: Rawu, toward Zayul, Rawu

June 29: Rawu, Pome

June 30 Pome, Galung La, Pome

July 1: Pome, Serkhym La, Bayi

July 2: Bayi, Shungdor

July 3: Sungdor, Mi La, Rutok

July 4: Rutok, Mi La, Holy Lake, Rutok

July 5: Rutok, Lhasa

July 6: Lhasa, Phenbo area, Lhasa

July 7: Lhasa ,Chusum

July 8: Chusum, Potrang La, Chusum

July 9: Chusum, Yarko Drak La, Chusum

July 10: Chusum, East of Yarko Drak La, Yarko Drak La, Zedang

July 11: Zedang, toward Yarko Drak La, Zedang

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