Yunnan/Sichuan 2014 - Primula Sampler


Yunnan / Sichuan June 17 - July 7, 2014


A private tour of 4 people including myself with the goal of targeting Primula species belonging to Section Bullatae. Transportation was by jeep and starting and ending in Kunming, Yunnan.

The trip was successful in locating the type location for P. bracteata and P. bullata (now P. bullata var bracteata and P. bullata var bullata). Other species seen on this trip were: P. ambita, P. amethystina ssp. brevifolia, P. beesiana, P. blinii, P. boreiocalliantha, P. brevicula, P. bullata var. forrestii, P. bulleyana, P. chungensis, P. dryadifolia, P. flaccida, P. gracilenta, P. malacoides, P. malvacea, P. munroi ssp. yargongensis, P. nanobella, P. obconica, P. pinnatifida, P. poissonii, P. polyneura, P. pulchella, P. rupicola, P. secundiflora, P. sikkimensis, P. sonchifolia, P. szechuanica, P. vialii, P. wilsonii, P. x dschungdienensis, P. yunnanensis.


Route Details:

June 17: Arrive Kunming

June 18: Kunming to Dali

June 19: Dali to Jianchuan, road to Heqing

June 20: Hike to gorge ear Er'yuan

June 21: Nan Da Ping, Heqing old road, Dali

June 22: Dali to Er'yuan

June 23: Er'yuan to Hua Dian Ba (hike)

June 24: Hua Dian Ba to Jianchuan

June 25: Jianchuan to Zhingdian via Tiger Leaping Gorge

June 26:  Zhongdian to Tian Bao Shan to Zhongdian

June 27: Zhongdian to Hong Shan

June 28: Hong Shan to Wu Jiao

June 29: Wu Jiao to Si La to Lugu Lake

June 30: Lugu Lake

July 1: Lugu Lake to Lijiang

July 2: Lijiang Field Station

July 3: Lijiang to Xiaguan

July 4: Xiaguan to San Tai Xiang to Shi Yang Zhen

July 5: Shi Yang Zhen to Tan Hua Xiang to Yuan Mou

July 6: Yuan Mou to Kunming

July 7: Kunming Herbarium