China 2009 - Primula Sampler

China June 5th - June 22nd, 2009

A private tour of 4 people (including myself) with the goal of searching for Primulas. Transportation was by jeep, starting and ending at Kunming, Yunnan. A total of 51 Primula species were found.


Route Details:

Day1, June 5th Kunming to Dongchuan via Wu Meng Shan (Jiao Zi Xue Shan Nature Reserve)

Day2, June 6th Dongchuan to Xichang

Day 3, June 7th Xichang, Luo Ji Shan hike, Xichang

Day4, June 8th Xichang to Yingyuan

Day 5, June 9th Yingyuan to Muli

Day 6, June 10th Muli to High Lake to Muli

Day 7, June 11th Muli to high Valley to Muli

Day 8, June 12th Muli to Lugo Lake via Yingyuan

Day 9, June13th Lugu Lake, climbed Shi Di Shan (Lion Mtn)

Day 10, June 14th Lugu Lake to Lijang

Day 11, June 15th Lijang to Tian Bao Shan to Shangri La

Day 12, June 16th Shangri La to Hong Shan

Day13, June 17th Below Hong Shan to Yading

Day14, June 18th Day hike near Yading, to Daochen

Day15, June 19th Daochen to Shangri La via Wu Min Shan
                             and Da Xue Shan

Day16, June 20th Shangri La to Dali

Day17, June 21st Hike up Cangshan

Day18, June 22nd Dali to Kunming